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I am a client since 2008....and quickly returned after the quarantine and in June when Jessica was able to reopen during the pandemic.


I love my lashes and the more drama the better. But I am most impressed with my skin. Since the pandemic I started to focus on my skin while home working and the improvements are a WOW! I recommend the SWICH treatments. I follow her skin fintess plan for proven results". 

 I made an appointment with Jessica five months ago for my lash fills when I moved here from California for chemotherapy here in Connecticut. On my last visit hair had visible growth and went for the volume ...I can't express the talent these ladies have and the warm hearts of character. "

Product Junkie Mess!!!...with endless products , several un-opened waiting to be used. Can you relate??? Overwhelmed with targeting my skin concerns I  was referred to Jessica for skin services  by another client. Education about skin products change my view on skin health.  I now have only what I need (not what I want) for my skin.  It's been a challenge and a commitment that is well worth the investment to myself.  

(2017) Cathy Bell, Client  


(2021) Michelle Volpe,  faithful   client

(2020) Tasha Jonas 



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