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the science of modern beauty simplified

The philosophy is simple...I  customize  LASH symmetry + healthy SKIN and I  do it well. My  focus is to enhance  your perception of your self-image  when you look in the mirror. 

Established in 2006 as Connecticut's trendsetter in the art of individual eyelash extensions. 

Connecticut Combo Licensed Aesthetician & Lash Tech  
Master  Lash Trainer for International Institute Of Cosmetology 

Multi- Certified  in Classic, Volume, MegaVolume Lash Extensions and LashStyle Licensed Esthetician  
Medicinal Aromatherapy Certified 2013

Certified Reiki Practitioner  2012, 2014, 2019,2020 

Licensed Permanent Cosmetics Practitioner  

Certified Elleebana Lash Lift 2016

Certified LashAffair Lash Lift 2020

Certified in Brow Lamination 2019

Certified Microdermabrasion (Crystal + Diamond) 2008

Certified Oncology Skin Practitioner 2017

Jessica Gonzalez, a multi-certified lash master since 2006; started her career with Novalash, Inc.  the first pioneers in the lash industry in America prior to becoming the world recognized leader in products and training. Invited in 2006 to be Novalash's Connecticut and Rhode Island lash educator. Her formal training was under Sophia Navarro in classic lash and volume lash extension, after 9 exciting years of educating  she pivoted to focus on her business to master the art of mega volume and styling. With so many great lash products in the market, Jessica wanted to focus on training students in the areas most important in the lashing industry and the art of application. In 2018, Jessica partnered with International Institute Of Cosmetology in Connecticut curating the eyelash extensive 50  hour  curriculum for the school leading to Connecticut State Licensing.  

In 2012 She opened up her brick and mortar in the thriving Park Road neighborhood in West Hartford, CT . A Latina female owned business, empowering woman's confidence while providing sophisticated treatments. Aside from her passion as a master lash educator she loves working on skin! Result driven evidence in the treatment room excites her! Her mission is enhance your  luminous glow from spirit to surface! The desire to master skin disorders started when she was diagnosed with Celiac disease. 


Jessica also has her MalucaSoul Coaching Project. She loves coaching her students and aspiring woman who desire to go into business. Her mission is for all females to be their best version of themselves. Prior to her education as an esthetician Jessica majored in Marketing. 

Fun Facts...

  •  Jessica established the first eyelash speciality salon in 2006 under  the name Fabulash Company, LLC in West Hartford; before she caught the attention of Revlon Cosmetics. In 1946 the company trademarked Fabulash (Mascara) She would then re-establish under Lash Esthetica, LLC. 

  • She launched the Novalash product brand and education in Puerto Rico in 2013. 

  • Published  written piece in "Voices of Light, Voices of Love" by Wisdom of the Earth. 

  • Loves to cook delicious meals based on the study of Ayurvedic. Diagnosed with  Celiac  Diseases in 2014 and triggering skin disorders she dove deeper into her love for clean ingredients and result driven skincare. 

  • Is an artisanal designer of metal smithing and wire wrapping crystals.  

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