Frequently asked questions

Lash Extensions FAQ"S

Do I have to book a consultation prior to application of a fullset of eyelash extensions?

A consultation is recommended if you are looking for lashstyling and symmetry balance. This is an opportunity to discuss with the practitioner your expectations or learn about the different techniques to achieve the overall results.

How long does an appointment take for an application of a fullset?

If you are seeking a classic application of one lash attachment the appointment is typically 60 minutes. Hybrid and volume will take more time to achieve the results. Set an average of 1.5 hours at a minimum for an upgrade of application.

Classic lash extensions explained.

Classic application is 1 on 1 extensions attachement to each natural lash. The lash is thicker and denser then volume. Fullness is limited based on the condition of the natural lash. It has a mascara look. Fills are recommended 2-3 weeks.

Volume lash extensions explained.

Volume is a 2D, 3D or 4D extension attachement. For example, 2D means there is two extensions that are attached to one natural lash. When the service is upgraded the extensions become thinner in grams to create a fan that meets at the base creating an end point. The look achieves a fuller look that classic would be limited on providing. This application will add the illusion of doublling up the amount of lashes that you would not have naturally. The final results are fuller natural looking lashes.

Hybrid application explained.

Hybrid is a combo technique application of classic 50% and volume 50% together. Half and half to create an emphesis on creating a fuller look that can not be acheived with classic including a softer feel.

What to expect for lash retention.

Retention depends on the natural lash structure, strenght and the choices of extensions in size, diameter, and technique. Oils and proteins on the hair cuticle will also play a role in lash retention. Maintaing a hygienic lash cleaning daily is a must. The cleaner the lashes the better the retention. Shedding stages can vary by seasonal factors and also temperatures and the unique lash shedding cycle you have. Some people verses others will have slower or swift growth.

What brand of lashes does Lash Esthetica use?

Lash Esthetica is a signature brand of high end quality eyelash extenions. It is a matte mink finish. Though the company also offers another high end company brand based out of Canada. Only the best products are used.

What adhesive does the company use?

We do not disclose the brand adhesive as it is a trade secret. Feel confident in Lash Esthetica's choice. Factors such as seasonal allergies, active lifestyles, and sensitivites in general are all priorities in using only a high end qaulity product. Though many potential clients seek brand specifics we stay away from brand popularity but choice proven quality products for long term wear and results.

Chemotheraphy got you feeling a bit down about the slow growth of your lashes?

Consultations are a must. There are options for your lash sitaution. We choice only the safest products for our lash services. Depending on the current state of the natural lashes different approaches can be taken to create a realistic look and a game plan to aid during the growth revival of the natural lashes. It is important to understand that the body is recovering and producing new flora in the system. It is recommended to wait for signs of growth nad results are not guaranteed. The consult fee is waived for the Symmetry Consultation. Please inform the practitioner at the time of your reservation.

"Can lash serum be applied to lashes with extensions?

Yes, use a quality lash serum nightly. The serum provides nutrients to the hair growth providing strenght. Use with caution. * Will not affect lahs extensions life span in most cases.

"I experienced a bad reaction at another location, can I have them removed?"

It is recommended to contact the location of application direclty to have them removed. Do not attempt to remove the lash extensions on your own at home. You can damage your natural lashes and increase inflammation. You will have to sign a waiver at our location to have them removed. Lash Esthetica pratitioner is not responsible at the time of removal for damage to the natural lashes. Removals are $45.

"My eye is significantly different then the other eye?"

Symmetry Consultation is the perfect opportunity to discuss with the lash practitioner the options of lash styling to address the Asymmetry.