lash lift (aka) lash perm 

The last lift is the trendest new service on the market but truth be told it's been around since the 70's!   What has changed is the way it's done! Lash Lift doesn't use traditional perming rollers but silicon rods to lift from the base of the lash. The rods come in several sizes to fit the clients natural lash. Keratin Infusion moisturizes the natural lash during the process from stripping the lash hair fiber.  The Tint allows the illusion for light lashes to have a  pop of color. *Results will vary per person. Tint does not replace the need for mascara. Treatments of lash lifts should be done at a minimum of  8 weeks between lifts and results can vary from prior treatments. 

Lash Lift Elleevate   $125 

complimentary lash tint is 

optional. Elleevate Mascara is 

included for keeping your

lashes moisturized and healthy.


la lift ...

A portfolio of our craftsmanship. Please note we have not edited, enhanced or filtered our work. The lightening is adjusted to see the detail of the lash extension but wanting to maintain the authenticity of the work regardless of the brows or skin texture. This is the realistic expectations of  services.  * Snap shot and re-post is prohibited.