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LE offers a selection of high end lash extensions designed with comfort, flexibility and curvature in mind. We offer several curvatures (natural to extreme curl), multi diameters, and sizes offering the best choices for our lash connoisseur's. Our LE signature eyelashes are pliable along with maintaining a balance of firmness with softness in mind to serve the diversified lifestyle of our clients. Natural to drama you're customized.   ​                                                                                                                                                                                            

Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid Full Set $235 Fill $110

Hybrid is an upgrade technique. 50% of classic and 50% hand made fans creating a fuller look by 50% ocmpare to what is achieved on a classic application. Hybrid focal point for hand made fans is the area called the accent frame.

Volume Full Set $250 Fill $150

Volume is a level up on and truely a skillful set. It takes time for this look as each fan is made by hand. This look will have a softer look and lightweight. Dramtization is the point.

MEGA VOLUME $300 Fill $170

Over the top in drama. To achieve this look premade fans are used verses handmade. The cost includes the cost of the product brand we use to this look.

Classic Full Set $180 Fill $80

Classic application is 1 extension to 1 natural lash. This achieves the most natural results. Your lashes natural condition will determine the max fullness your natural lash can hold without stressing the lash and hinder the growth stage. Sensitive lids or lash thickness plays a role on options for different styles of the natural lashes. fill must be take place within 4 weeks. Fill increase after a month of application is $104 and up. Thiis filll structure applies to full sets from Lash Esthetica.


All consultations are scheduled as a virtual sessions. This is an educational opportunity to learn about which style will suite your facial style and determine which technique would suite you for the best results.

Lash Removal $45


We cater to the image of our clients. Most prefer a sophisticated, simple full look that implies that an amazing mascara is their secret but really we are their best kept secret.

The photos on display are not edited, enhanced or filtered work. The lightening is adjusted to see the detail of the lash extension while maintaining the authenticity of the lash work. Promoting realistic expectations of lash extensions for everyday wear.  * Snap shot and re-post is prohibited.